The Black Lotus [The Eldenarian Artifacts | Volume 1] ✓

The Black Lotus [The Eldenarian Artifacts | Volume 1] ✓

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L. D. JONES By ProjectPr1de Completed

Makaela just wanted to be a normal magician living in the shadows of the world, but it turns out fate had other plans. 

Ever since Makaela Moreau-daughter of one of the most powerful mages on the planet-received a vision from the goddess of prophecies, the hidden world of magic has been preparing. However, she wants nothing to do with her new destiny.

After her home is attacked by The Order of the Black Lotus, she is forced to accept it. With help from unlikely sources, she'll have to prevent the Order from obtaining the Eldenarian Artifacts-seven magical artifacts capable of granting the wielder with unfathomable power.

But something dark inside of her is growing. Black flowers bloom at night, and soon she'll have to face the reckoning.