The Caramel Hair Nerd

The Caramel Hair Nerd

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As soon as I entered my room I was slammed against a wall beside my door. 

A whimper escaped my lips due to pain in my back.
     There was no need to look who it was I knew his cologne it smells like fresh soil in forest after rain. His smell just hypnotises me.

        His hands were on either sides of my head,trapping me. He was looking at me dangerously.

        "What were you doing with that asshole in school?"he shouted at me making me flinch.

          I was too scared to answer, no words were coming out. It angered him more . He punched the wall beside my head.The wall had a crack on it.
      "Who a-are y-you talking about?

       "MASON!"He shouted loudly.
   "H-he is j-just my f-friend."  It was hardly a whisper but enough for him to hear.
       "Friend?huh?"he chuckled dangerously.
Oh my god I'm dead,I thought to myself.

         "Do I always have to remind you that you are mine. You are only mine to touch, mine to savour, mine to possess..."He whispered in my ear sensually. His velvety voice making my knees go weak. 
  Grace Williams is a normal girl. She is rich,sweet ,caring and a bit badass inside.She has just moved from Turkey to London. She has always been bullied in her old school. Because she is too skinny,small and  fragile but she also has a story behind it. She just wishes  that this new school gives her good memories......
          Little did she know wishes are only granted for princesses not for nerds.
      Jacob Shelton. He is know by his tattoos and body that is to die for. Every one is scared of him. He loves to bully people for no reason. But Jacob's favourite is the caramel hair nerd aka Grace Williams.
Warning-Slow updates. The chapters are unedited. There are grammatical errors. If you are not okay with it then I advice you to read it once it's completed and edited. Feel free to criticise constructively and to leave your opinions💕