Change of Heart

Change of Heart

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Victoria By Just_For_Kicks Updated Jul 25, 2015

❝No love every came without great struggle❞

After everything things she's went through with Lawrence Conway Alice can't believes she's actually starting to develop feelings for him. She's trying to understand what type of relationship they have or could have but in walks her ex, Walter Churchill, who's set on winning her back.

She also has to deal with her ex-best friend's ex-girlfriend, school grades, and help set Diana up with a certain someone.

While dealing with all that Alice tries to get her feelings in check and wonder the big question: Just who exactly is Lawrence in love with?

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iAm_Void iAm_Void Jun 08, 2017
Its sweet. I wanted to comment Awwww😍😍😍 but sadly something reined everything.
00booklover00 00booklover00 Dec 26, 2016
His name reminds me of Winston Churchill and I keep in saying that
SupernaturalFreak67 SupernaturalFreak67 Oct 18, 2016
I literally thought of the song All I Want For Christmas Is You😂😂😂
ExquisiteVixen ExquisiteVixen Jul 15, 2016
*jumps out with a mic* I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU *long awkward silence* uh.. i gotta go now
cliche_basicbiotch cliche_basicbiotch Apr 22, 2016
"Baby ALL I WANT IS YOUU, in the middle of the night, i been thinking bout you like..."😂 im sorry i had to😂
AlmostInsane_ly AlmostInsane_ly Jun 25, 2016
There is nothing wrong with enjoying sex as long as you aren't a prick and cover your dick.