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Anonymous writer By kaya_guerra Updated Mar 24, 2019

Callumn Lozano, a peppy high school cheerleader, she has everything in the world. A family, a little brother, two loving parents, and her best friend Sarah Hake.

Mateo Wright is the lone wolf of the school. He had a family, a best friend, and a life but that all changed. He'd always drempt of a perfect life, but can he have it?

These people came from totally different worlds.
Can they change it?

,"Look who it is, Ms. Popular."

,"Good morning to you too, Mr. Jackass."

He snickered.

,"Your comebacks are getting good-"

He looked up into my eyes.

,"I guess you learn from the best."

I saw his face coming closer to mine. I stopped breathing for a moment as I realized his handsome face was getting ready for a kiss. 

,"Wait a minute!"

His eyes popped open.

,"Is THE Mateo Wright expecting a kiss?"

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