The Commitment [Completed]

The Commitment [Completed]

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XC. By Crossx_ Completed

Zachary Varnik is a boy soon becoming a man. For his 17th birthday he was awarded with a diploma and a free ride to college. During his last few months, he becomes close to Maxwell Evans. 

Abused, and left for dead by his druggie parents, Maxwell turns to Zachary for help, but Zachary wants more than what Maxwell can give him. 

In fact, Zachary wants a baby.

***Warning. May contain some incest.***
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lAmTheForgotten lAmTheForgotten Aug 03, 2017
Here guys. 
                              Oxycontin - A synthetic analgesic drug that is similar to morphine in its effects and subject to abuse and addiction.
dizzyrainbow1 dizzyrainbow1 Dec 25, 2017
Nice breast fight thingy or something😶, i didnt expect that... It almost took 8 days to stop😂
XSleepingUnicornX XSleepingUnicornX Aug 11, 2017
Dear, you've been possessed. Don't let the evil get to you and stay strong.
AWeirdFangirl51 AWeirdFangirl51 Oct 31, 2017
Honey, if you can motivate yourself to do this, you can motivate yourself that you're worth it. And you are, you just can't see it yet
One time at school a guy through a fry at another guy and said " Pikachu I Choose You"
In Dante's inferno, people, who commit suicide are turned into trees for all eternity.