The Commitment {MPREG} BoyxBoy {Completed}

The Commitment {MPREG} BoyxBoy {Completed}

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dιnoѕaυr By Crossx_ Completed

Zachary Varnik is a boy soon becoming a man. For his 17th birthday he was awarded with a diploma and a free ride to college. During his last few months, he becomes close to Maxwell Evans. 

Abused, and left for dead by his druggie parents, Maxwell turns to Zachary for help, but Zachary wants more than what Maxwell can give him. 

In fact, Zachary wants a baby.

***Warning. May contain some incest.***
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Omg I read
                              That as  I'm not gay 
                              And I was
                              Bitch what 
                              Reread it
                              That's what I thought
I just imagine in her head she's saying "AND YOU GET BOTH THE SPITS."
Here guys. 
                              Oxycontin - A synthetic analgesic drug that is similar to morphine in its effects and subject to abuse and addiction.
Dear, you've been possessed. Don't let the evil get to you and stay strong.
It said he was a brunette but I am a redhead and have some blonde so I cannot argue
Sweetie. You need to listen to the Dear Evan Hanson soundtrack songs: Disappear and You Will Be Found. Cuz you mad trippin with that you don't matter shït