I Know What Rhymes With Orange

I Know What Rhymes With Orange

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Georgie By georgie-oso Updated Mar 15, 2014

Silver is a sixteen year old girl who lives in her own world... literally. This world of hers only exists in that crowded brain of hers. Sam is her imaginary friend, who has always been there for her, but to other people Sam is just a hallucination. Apparently seeing and hearing things that are not visible to the rest of the world indicates that one might be schizophrenic.

When Silver gets caught not taking her medication again, her parents and her therapists have had enough. Due to their being deaf, the Bareto's aren't able to "see" when their daughter is having an episode, and goes to her therapist for help. Dr. Lisbon decides to prescribe Silver a new kind of medicine and this time it does not come in an orange bottle.

For six months Silver is forced to live with a boy who strangely resembles Sam-- her imaginary friend. How does Silver handle living with the real-life version of her hallucination? How is she expected to help a young boy with a personality disorder, when she herself can't cope with her own disorder?  

In this coming of age story two young adults have to face their reality and find ways to live in their own skin, without skipping out on their daily dosage or dressing up as Clark Kent or John Bender from "The Breakfast Club". They are assigned to help each other as well as help themselves. Gradually they open up to each other and reveal their inner secrets. Pouring their hearts out to each other, they discover that they have a lot more in common than they initially thought.

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Vanillamonkeys141 Vanillamonkeys141 Oct 21, 2012
Hello!!!! I really love this story! Good title, draws me right in. Great job!
SweetPoisonx3 SweetPoisonx3 Jan 29, 2012
When I saw this title I was like this:
imk1995 imk1995 Apr 19, 2011
Aww LOVING the book!! I realise I may be a LITTLE late by readn it, seein as thr are already 3 chappies...aaannnd u probz wnt even SEE th comment bt... ITS THE THOUGHY THAT COUNTS!! <3 
georgie-oso georgie-oso Apr 02, 2011
@Nonnie228 Grrrrr... why are you doing this to me?! Dont read this.... ugh!!!
                              and why were you up at 5:30 in the morning?!?! Crazy!
                              I didnt know you liked stories with imaginary friends so how would i know.... and even if i did i wouldnt tell you cause i wouldn't want you to read it! UGH!
Nonnie228 Nonnie228 Apr 02, 2011
i like stories with imaginary friends. i'm so going on georgie strike. '
                              not only did you keep a good story from me, but it has imaginary friends in it. how could you.
                              ps. now i must go make myself a peanut better and jelly sandwich at 530 am.
georgie-oso georgie-oso Apr 01, 2011
@Nonnie228 :O *gasp* I can't believe you read it!!! I told you not to read my stories!!! this is so embarrassing!!!
                              but thanks.. :( I think I'm on Nonnie strike again!