VamZombie WereWitch Girl and Demon Boy

VamZombie WereWitch Girl and Demon Boy

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Cameron Cook By Lammalord Updated Aug 28, 2013

[Romance/Non-Teen Fiction/Werewolf] This is going to scare you, but I'm a guy here trying out writing Romance - yep, breaking out of my shell.  

A lustful monster, Clarine, struggles with her inability to reproduce her own kind. In her frustration she travels across the continental US and back on a sex-crazed killing spree--unintentionally murdering anyone who gets too close. With depression overtaking her immortal suffering she comes across an unusual busboy--Neel. This boy claims he can see demons too--ones no one else in the world can see, and his demon leads him around cities like a dog on a leash--bringing him right to Clarine Denz. With mutual respect for each other both take vows to help each other in hopes of renewal of dead races - a team you can say to bring back the long dead Vampire and Werewolf races. But Neel isn't all that into renewal, he has his eyes on Clarine, the forbidden fruit, the one person he can never actually have and both of them know it. Love with her means a brutal death. Love with her could never happen...

Yes, it was my point to throw in as many genres as possible (ha!)  This is a Romance containing Vampire/Werewolf/Paranormal and is Non-Teen Fiction. If you don't like adult themes (such as sex, drugs, violence, crime) and adult characters then please move on! The premise may sound ridiculous but the story is dead serious and plenty sensual. And yes, this is the PG-13 version, with most chapters toned down for rating. So enjoy and don't forget to VOTE on what you read! (even if you find the R version, do me a favor and vote here too).

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DarkAngelPrincess999 DarkAngelPrincess999 Jul 19, 2014
Wow this 1st ch. of this book is very interesting i really love this 1st ch. i just begined reading this book so im finna now read tha 2nd ch. of this book & so on until the end
BoredomInstitute BoredomInstitute Nov 07, 2012
So far so great!
                              Was the other wallpaper from bleach?
                              If it is I like it XD
VictoriaAshleyAuthor VictoriaAshleyAuthor Nov 06, 2012
This is crazy creative. You are so talented and can write pretty much anything. This is everything that everyone loves all thrown into one fantastic story. WHat is NaNoWriMo?
BarnesBooks BarnesBooks Nov 06, 2012
I like it but i wish my puntuaction was like yours mine is horrible
TheIronKnight TheIronKnight Oct 25, 2012
Please update soon. Your work is amazing and I HATE romance but I'm enjoying your work.
misskallie94 misskallie94 Oct 04, 2012
I love the way you write. I was captured within the first paragraph. I also think it's really cool that your a guy writing a romance novel (: not many can do that. I am SO looking forward to reading the rest of this book! Please update it soon?