One Of A Kind /klance/

One Of A Kind /klance/

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"What do you mean?!" said Keith. 

"I mean your uncle is Zarcon."

Season 1

After fighting Zarcon, one of his generals sneaked onto the castle of lions and tells the team of how glara Keith is. Once Keith finds about this he does not know what to. After that what do they with the general in the castle and what is his next move to get Keith to Zarkon.....

 Season 2 

Keith is now Galra and he has been taken by the Galra, but what does Zarkon really want with Keith. The paladins, what's left of them. Has found out a way to get back Keith. But something is up with Lance and Keith they are acting weird as well. What's wrongs with these two?

Season 3 

"What was that," asked Pidge

"What was what," asked Lance as he was sitting up.

"That crash," 

"What crash," 

"Someone is on the ship,"

The rest of the Voltron force have been trying their hardest to try and get Keith back. But right before they can try and help Keith something happens to the Voltron force. Something no one saw coming. And this just might be the end of Voltron. Time is running out for them. Can they make it?

While Keith who has been granted to being the next king of the Galra. But Keith meets someone. Is this Keith's ticket out. 

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