Anomalous: The Seven Deadly Sins [Drafting And Editing]

Anomalous: The Seven Deadly Sins [Drafting And Editing]

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Downbeat Airdromeda leaves Greece in the middle of the night with a cocky teenager named Isaac who claims to know where her twin brother is.

She survives the night and finds her brother but also finds out that she is part of a large diversity of teenagers who need to replace angels and demons because gods and devils gained a mutual alliance.

Airdromeda's first days as a praeditos happen to be the last few days for beginners. The praeditos need to prepare for Pentecost but have to deal with abundant chaos. Not only is The Grim Reaper's system falling apart and causing the death toll to rise from phantom attacks but the Illuminati is plotting something against the despised praeditos with the Underworld Vatican.

Airdromeda needs to abandon her life as a cranky loner and cooperate with her new comrades in order to be the best praeditos she can manage. The young praeditos have to tolerate the tension, beef and rivalry amongst each other to fix everything and make it in time for Pentecost or they'll die and another generation of praeditos will be born.

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The Anomalous Series

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