Please Don't Tell!  (Klaine)

Please Don't Tell! (Klaine)

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Kurt & Blaine Anderhummel By KurtAnderHummel Updated Jul 23, 2017

Blaine Anderson, McKinley Highs Badboy has his eyes on one Kurt Hummel, the fashionista who was never seen without a hat and a heavy coat. But what happens when Blaine finds out the reason for the extra layers, when he finds out what Kurt was hiding.
NC-17 // Smut
Beta: dontspeakjustread
Cover by: The_Midnight_Wolf

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segoe3 segoe3 Jan 25
He couldn't even teach spanish or history, why is he teaching math? 
                              Well, third times the charm... I guess
numberonenosebleed numberonenosebleed Dec 11, 2017
Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it looks like Blaine's hair is over-gelled.
um can someone get blaine to stop his attempts to rape my child
jmm55144 jmm55144 Feb 27
mr.shue should just stick to glee club....who knows maybe maths his thing?
How did we... I don't understa-...  how... *in Brendon Urie voice* What the f*** is going on?
segoe3 segoe3 Jan 25
You mean he walked gay up to the boy? Because there ain't nothing straight about him