Please Don't Tell!  (Klaine)

Please Don't Tell! (Klaine)

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Kurt & Blaine Anderhummel By KurtAnderHummel Updated Jul 23

Blaine Anderson, McKinley Highs Badboy has his eyes on one Kurt Hummel, the fashionista who was never seen without a hat and a heavy coat. But what happens when Blaine finds out the reason for the extra layers, when he finds out what Kurt was hiding.
NC-17 // Smut
Beta: dontspeakjustread
Cover by: The_Midnight_Wolf

Depending on what season this is set in, Kurt would either be muttering random drivel (season 1/2) or he would be blushing and tell Blaine his name ( season 3-6) XD
MintyChxn MintyChxn Jul 16
"Hello, I couldn't help but notice your ass"
                              My smut-sense is tingling
caneverdecide caneverdecide 6 days ago
I don't think Kurt's going to wanna be safe much longer 😏
caneverdecide caneverdecide 6 days ago
Santana, go find Brittany (the love of your life) because Blaine is already apart of Klaine
caneverdecide caneverdecide 6 days ago
I'm trying REALLY hard to imagine Blaine saying that but I'm failing