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Taylor.☻☹ By ayeeee_its_taylor Updated Sep 06, 2016

"Listen, Princess. You are mine. No other man can touch you, look at you, or think about you the way that I do. Got that?" And with that, he kisses my head and walks back into the kitchen. Weirdo...
 (somewhat inspired by My Sexy Greek God Kidnappers by @austin_luver )

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meaning steal this and you die

Sora_Yoru Sora_Yoru May 25, 2016
"...pretty short for my age..." gurl plz Im 5'1 and I aint growing much
mendlerfan12 mendlerfan12 Feb 23, 2016
I have a medium sized but its basically like 2  apples put together as one each lol
Justanotherjude1234 Justanotherjude1234 Oct 27, 2016
Lancaster is hazels last name in the fault in our stars copy write I'm flagging
Kammoore1 Kammoore1 Sep 30, 2016
I'm 4'10 and a half. I have to put that half there is I can feel that I will grow tall.
mendlerfan12 mendlerfan12 Feb 23, 2016
I have light brown eyes and my hair is black with dark brown highlights
badbitches_rule badbitches_rule Dec 05, 2016
Alexa king is lucky everything I eat goes to my thighs and my stomach