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Taylor.☻☹ By ayeeee_its_taylor Updated Oct 22, 2017

"Listen, Princess. You are mine. No other man can touch you, look at you, or think about you the way that I do. Got that?" And with that, he kisses my head and walks back into the kitchen. Weirdo...
 (somewhat inspired by My Sexy Greek God Kidnappers by @austin_luver )

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meaning steal this and you die


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Exploding_Ovaries Exploding_Ovaries Aug 12, 2017
I guess the guy is a York😂
                              Don't know what I'm talking about? 
                              Step your history game up🖕
A girl who got kicked out of a orphanage and got kidnapped and now shes getting emotions
Hey guys I was wondering if you would like to read my story called hot kidnapper it't about....
fastfatty fastfatty Aug 15, 2017
I'm 16 and 5'4
                              I repeat I am not okay
                              I am not okay
AndPeggy1 AndPeggy1 Oct 02, 2017
I know someone named Bridget Lancaster... I think that's her last name at least
1-800-Kill-A-Bitch 1-800-Kill-A-Bitch Mar 23, 2017
a second hole peircing is actually a second ear piercing...
                              you are all dirty minded freaks😂😂😂 (no offense)