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The Badboy Downstairs

The Badboy Downstairs

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Margaret Schneider By Marg-Schneid Updated Mar 08, 2014

"Dropping out of school, drinking alcohol under aged, smoking, and having prostitutes come into your room every night, is the life of a bad boy huh?" I asked.   Zac nodded, "Yeah, but not all of it is fun." He added as he leaned on the brick ball next to me.   "What do you mean?" I wondered.   "You have to either pay or steal the stuff. So we have to either earn or steal the money," He smirked, "so it's quite a lot of work to be done."   I rolled my eyes and started to walk away from him. A warm hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a rock-hard chest. He stares down into my eyes with his lips slightly parted.   "Cathy," he whispered. He tucked me in closer so there was nothing in between us, but our bodies touching.   For a guy like him, it wouldn't seem he would have a heart, but I felt it. I felt it beating the same rhythm as mine. His lips were coming down upon me but with his hand and fingers tangled in my hair.   Everything was perfect until..   (Find out what happens next in "The Badboy Downstairs!" Hope you enjoy!)

illttyl illttyl May 17, 2016
Ahh wtf ... You not Indians so you don't just go around scalping ppl especially girls I mean ha COME ON
Disneyfan221 Disneyfan221 Dec 15, 2016
This is the part when I break free cause... no not the right time? Okay never mind carry on
SarahCimbat SarahCimbat Mar 10, 2016
damn... :( that ending though.. :( and damn i wish i could get grades like that!
Galaxy_126_ Galaxy_126_ Mar 14, 2016
My friends and I are the total opposite, if we get a shíty grade we call each other idiots and then go eat 5 boxes of pizza
ccbed33 ccbed33 Jan 07, 2016
It's weird how people don't like their family to get drunk. I like it because my moms side of the family is boring af, but when my aunt Lisa gets drunk, it's frickin hilarious. She was wearing heels once and was tipsy, so she was stumbling around going "I'm on Mount Everest!"
zoey_gunn zoey_gunn Nov 28, 2015
I was going to read this but the main characters names are the same as my brother and mother. I can't do it! Too awkward to read