[In Naruto?!] -- Older Version of Dérive.

[In Naruto?!] -- Older Version of Dérive.

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[Name] [Last Name] is the type of girl who crossdresses to intimidate people. Rui [Last Name] is the type of five-year-old who adores his older crossdressing siste more than anything. These two orphans are not the typical kind of orphans you would find wandering the streets. When [Name] kicks ass, she KICKS ASS. She's the bad-girl (or bad-boy in this case) of her school, and nobody seems to know her real gender.

So, when this troublesome girl and her younger brother get ripped from their dimension and thrown into another, everything in her life turns upside down. She meets the hyperactive goofball named Naruto Uzumaki. She meets the emo duck-butt known as Sasuke Uchiha. She meets the many boys who want her love so dearly. The exit to this chaotic world?

Oh...what exit?

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NicoleMartinez724 NicoleMartinez724 Nov 24, 2016
Man why can't they be tall? I wish for once the character would be tall and not short.
ultimate_daddy ultimate_daddy Sep 15, 2016
I really wanna take Japanese classes. But I don't think there is Japanese classes near me or somethin. I cri
ultimate_daddy ultimate_daddy Sep 15, 2016
Uhh, maybe I passed out or someone left me there. Idk, why ye be asking me.
ultimate_daddy ultimate_daddy Sep 16, 2016
I would just be all liek:   "ahem, where am I?" "The hidden leaf village bro" "thanks bro".     Brofist ;o
Auburn0wl Auburn0wl Sep 26, 2016
Oh god reader-chan is so confused on what's happening that she's sounding like a psycho
DjCreativestar DjCreativestar 4 days ago
Lol vut wat really got me was your name lmao ultimate _daddy!!!😂😂😂