The QB Bad Boy and Me | ✔️

The QB Bad Boy and Me | ✔️

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Highest rank #1 in teen fiction. 

I attempt to step around him but he grips my wrist and pushes my back against the wall, holding me in place as his chest rises and falls with rapid breaths which fan me with the scent of henny and cigarettes. 

"You're mine, dammit" - He slams his hand against the wall beside my head - "Mine! They're all fucking dirty pricks and I don't want their eyes on you!" 

• • • 

Dallas Bryan, a 17 year old Cheerleader from little Archwood, Colorado, detests three things: popularity, self obsessed rich kids and guys who think they're Gods gift to woman. Which brings us to Drayton Lahey, football quarterback and essentially all of the above. 

When Drayton and Dallas are forced to interact due to a minor car crash, assumptions about one another are made, both of them sure there's nothing more than what you can see on the surface. 

So what happens when secrets start to come out, trust is built and an unlikely and unwanted connection starts to form. 

Warning ⚠️ this book complains a hella ton of sexual innuendos. Dirty jokes. And suggestive content. Our main man lacks a filter entirely.

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Mature themes

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Started on 15.10.17
Complete on 23.12.17

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RealisticMystic RealisticMystic a day ago
Bella and The Bulldog vibes 
                              Now we just need the coach to ask Dallas to join the team lol
RealisticMystic RealisticMystic a day ago
I just read that in the normal echoey voice in movies that read out notes
RealisticMystic RealisticMystic a day ago
If someone pulled out a cigarette in front of me I'd take it out of their hands and throw it
koalaz99 koalaz99 21 hours ago
I read that then immediately my brain went to "FIRST OF ALL I LOOK GOOD IN THIS SHIRT. SECOND OF ALL I LOOK GOOD IN THIS SHIRT-" Yeah, I look at memes and old funny vines on the daily...
RealisticMystic RealisticMystic a day ago
A sleeve you say?
                              As in like Harry Styles' tattooed arms? 
                              Oh hell yes