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l Love You, Best Friend (gxg)

l Love You, Best Friend (gxg)

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MissYuuki By MissYuuki Updated Nov 17, 2016

Sometimes, you're not aware that someone secretly loves you. It might be your neighbor, classmate, schoolmate... or your best friend. Yana Lewis is really oblivious to Adriana's feelings, or even the way she looks at her. It's hard being in love with your best friend, huh? Especially when she's oblivious and straight. It also actually hurts being a resident in friend zone for freakin' SEVEN YEARS!!

not-so-valkyrie not-so-valkyrie Nov 29, 2016
You are rich and pretty and have the brain, if you get the girl wowww you will be the luckiest gal
PlayFromTheHeart PlayFromTheHeart May 30, 2016
For the first time ever, a story with a character named Adriana. Except mine has two n's
LesitBi LesitBi Feb 07
PJO AND HOL FAN RIGHT HERE! I'd rather be in Leo's Cabin through
RunesDragonSlayer RunesDragonSlayer Aug 30, 2014
I read the description and the same thing is happening to me literally