Royal Alpha Xavier

Royal Alpha Xavier

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Danielle Erasmus By ThatPsychoBadass Updated Jan 27

"Why is she here?" he seethes, clenching his fists.

"You're being unreasonable-"

"I want her gone!" He growls, sending the book shelves next to the doorway flying. She doesn't let herself be fazed by his antics.

"They'll tear each other apart if they're together, yet they can't survive without each other," she repeats a part of the prophecy they both had memorised so many years ago. Stepping around him and the broken shelves, she smiles. "It sucks, doesn't it? Watching the person you love fall for someone else. Maybe now you'll know how I felt."


At the brink of World War Three, Iris has been bought by a mysterious business man to work on his farm as a horse trainer. In exchange, he'll make sure she won't be sent back home, where war has already damaged without remorse. She, of all people, hates the idea of being owned. Luckily, this man has an offer she can't refuse. Work for him, earn enough money to buy her contract back, then leave with her horse.

Only now, when she gets to know him and the people around him, does she realise that maybe she doesn't want to leave. She could be happy for the first time in a long time.

When war strikes their part of the world and dark secrets are revealed, forcing everyone to flee once again, Iris finds herself trapped between two worlds. This time around, she can't be free, no matter what path she chooses.

The fiery human girl and the stubborn Alpha.

What can go wrong?

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