My abduction (completed)

My abduction (completed)

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Friends make secrets :) By GirlWithABookAndPen Completed

My name is Sage Diamond, actually the last name explains a lot. 

I am the girl who everyone wants to be, my dads a movie producer, and he owns a diamond store. I would sometimes end up in a movie, I mean just because my dad is a movie producer doesn't mean I get in that quick. I have a best friend whose name is Christy. Her dad met my dad when they were younger and actually produced their first movie together. 

        You can learn more later, now here's how everything happened.

   I was getting bored with just dad home, all he did was write more movies and decide on how to produce them. I decided to go out for a walk. I know it was a tricky decision considering I was Sage Diamond,. The one with all the money. Anyway I headed out. I walked down the alley nearing further in it got darker. I heard a twig snap and snapped my neck back. 

   There was no one there. I turned around to keep walking. I only got a couple steps further in and then a hand closes over my mouth.  I scream, but they are only to be muffled by the hand over my mouth.

Zoe_Nightshade2 Zoe_Nightshade2 Feb 16, 2016
Are u a Percy Jackson fan? If you are, than that word is funny to all or his devoted  readers
NhungCauVanHay NhungCauVanHay Dec 19, 2015
she really just went out for a walk in the middle of the night despite she is worth all lot of money? *sigh*
CIoroxBIeach CIoroxBIeach Dec 18, 2015
Why do hey have to know there name like you were kidnaped and you care about his name
TheHeir4 TheHeir4 Dec 13, 2015
Awesome! I will read on to see if this could be watty's 2016
sheidi sheidi Apr 30, 2012
People need to start commenting and voting!! I luv this story!!!
GirlWithABookAndPen GirlWithABookAndPen Apr 25, 2012
@CookieMonster1998 @scottyluv123 Thank you Shorty!!(: and don't worry I will write all night Laine!!(: I need my Laine to be be happy!!(: