Two Souls (OHSHC Hikaru love story)

Two Souls (OHSHC Hikaru love story)

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❦ Tae's Wife ❦ By Luca-senpai Completed

Two is always better than one.

Miya Hatsumi... A pretty red head that's always laughing and smiling... But what is she hiding behind that beautiful smile of hers?

Another soul? 

Maya, is an entity connected to Miya ever since she was born. But... How? Why? Who and what is this Maya? Why can she make Miya do things no other human can ever do? She knows everything... How it all began... But why won't she tell?

Miya was not a normal girl and the host club were nowhere close to the word normal. What happens when a fiery orange haired twin takes interest in this new girl...?

I may be wrong... But this could be the beginnings of love.

DISCLAIMER : None of the pictures in this book are mine. I just edited the title onto the cover image. Please inform me (with proof) if any of the drawings are yours and I will credit you :)

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Eeeyyyyy sports bra are my best friends, it’s basically revolves around my life 😂😂😂
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The voices in your head really can get annoying...
                              Sometimes i manage a civil conversation though...
                              Other times..... cover your ears.
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*changes to hoddie* I like my precious fluffy jacket.. 0^0;;
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Never mind-
                              This is why it's important to read the descriptions mates 😂😂😂
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