Reject me, I dare you....

Reject me, I dare you....

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"Go ahead Aaron, reject me like you always said you would your mate! Reject me, I dare you!" I screamed in Aaron's face with my eyes pure white. "U-um I Aaron Cole reject you Raina Shadow as my mate" he spat after collecting his emotions then smirked thinking I'd cry. Hell no, not here in front of everyone! "Ok, I Raina Shadow accept your rejection" I growled before rolling my eyes and flipping the bird at him with a dark smirk. He stood shocked for a moment until I yanked him out of my way and left the school grounds...                                         

Ok let's back track a bit here, my name is Raina Shadow and if you haven't already caught on, I'm a werewolf. My hair is black and my eyes are mismatched, one is violet the other is a neon blue. I'm 5ft 3 pale skinned and as you can tell, I have an issue with my Alpha Aaron Cole AKA my cold hearted, jerk wad of a mate.          

Aaron Cole is the Alpha of the crystal Light pack and is also mated to the strange nerdy girl named Raina Shadow. He stands at 6ft 4 with tan skin, emerald green eyes, bronze/brown hair and a set of rock hard abs. In other words a total cutie or a complete bad boy player. If this story is to your liking then read on to find out what happens next my Angels....

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mental_and_proud mental_and_proud Mar 23, 2017
whatnormality whatnormality Dec 10, 2017
Sounds like something I'd do. Except maybe I'd get poisoned knowing me