Edward's True Mate

Edward's True Mate

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RandomNothingness55 By RandomNothingness55 Updated Jun 22, 2018

Harleen Jasmine Davis is the true mate of Edward Cullen.
He left her for Bella.
Her best friend.
She was 16 when she was turned.

A week before the wedding he had an affair with Harleen. Getting her pregnant. She was only 50% vampire.

A week before the wedding Bella had an affair with Jacob. Getting her pregnant.

Now Edward, Jacob, Bella, and Harleen doesn't know what to do.

Edward's really in love with Harleen but loves Bella. Bella's really in love with Jacob but loves Edward.

They know what they want to do but don't know how to.

And what are they gonna do with the babies?

Read to find out what happens in Edward's True Mate.