Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles - Book One: Metal

Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles - Book One: Metal

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Are you a "Legend of Korra" fan who wants a plausible canonical continuation of an Earth Avatar? Then you came to the right place.
70 years after the Earth Empire, Hikar Firestone was a 15-year-old earthbending teen prodigy who, after a brief emotional breakdown and a short state of anger, he blasted a fire shot, discovering he was the new Avatar. Three years later, he mastered all four elements, and with the help of his friends, he will prove himself to be one worthy Avatar for everyone...but will be able to face his powerful enemies?
In this first installment, Hikar will have to face a thread Korra couldn't defeat: the Red Lotus. And it's leader is no one else the his airbending instructor: Yurei. This times, the Red Lotus doesn't want to kill the Avatar, but use him as an indoctrinated pupil to achieve their anarchy goals.

First chapters are a bit lacking in story and boring, but trust me when I say to give it a chance and read until chapter three at least. First two chapters are just an introduction.

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