Kidnapped(A mindless behavior story)

Kidnapped(A mindless behavior story)

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testimony__ By testimony__ Updated Nov 10, 2014

 Chantel rolled her cart up and down the aisle of the grocery store,searching for the things needed when suddenly her phone ranged private.

        "Hello"She answered 

    "I know where you live"the voice spoke,breathing heavily into the phone

    "uh...,"who is this?

       "I know what your wearing"Chantel looked around with fear,but saw nobody there 

       "Who is this?"Chantel repeated 

   "I follow you when you leave from school,I watch you sleep..I watch you take----

      Chantel immediately hanged up the phone putting it inside her purse continuing to stand there looking around.

    Her phone ranged private again and she stared at it as it laid on top of her purse inside the buggy. Soon ,chantel grabbed it slowly putting it up to her ear "hello". The line was quite, but the person continued to breath heavily on the phone. Chanel quickly turned around seeing in old lady on her phone and watched as she walked away "who is this?"she repeated.

        No words were said ...

JoslynLitty- JoslynLitty- Mar 16, 2016
He got chantel pregnant did ya'll read that part he released in her then her eyes shot open then jacob winked *ha* crazy nigga got me weak asf
Inlovewith_jamarr Inlovewith_jamarr Jan 13, 2016
Damn u know everything you must be getting sent to voice mail allot
moeshayb moeshayb Apr 24, 2015
ooh mg geez why he gotta be so rude don't he know she human to.
Hmshawbaby Hmshawbaby Mar 05, 2015
what the hell is this my silly self started crying .smh i cant.