Lipogram:  Actuality

Lipogram: Actuality

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Olan Smith By CottonJones Completed

This is a work in poetry using words that do not contain the letter "e".

frayrays frayrays Nov 21, 2016
It's always nice accomplishment when  you nail a poem. I am glad, it was a great poem. Actually your best.
knightwriter knightwriter Nov 21, 2016
Creative  to be able to express the theme so well within the constraint of the form. 
enunciated- enunciated- Oct 02, 2016
Ha! Wonderful! Must've been difficult, but you cracked it, Sir!
CottonJones CottonJones Apr 27, 2013
@saphire_rose Thank you very much.  This constrait is very difficult to do and convey meaning (I think it is time to do another one, smile).  I am happy you have read my work and feel free to comment on any of them.  Love, peace and freedom, Olan
SoniyaAhuja SoniyaAhuja Aug 31, 2012
@CottonJones I really want to read that work. Because I can't imagine writing an entire novella with no 'e'
                              Such a thing, will take me my entire lifetime and I am 26 now, I don't think I'll complete it even when I'm 62
CottonJones CottonJones Aug 31, 2012
@SoniyaAhuja Thank you, Soniya.  I would not want to attempt it, 50,000 words.  He had to get around all the "ed" pass tense endings, a very strong challenge in writing a novella.