THE PROMISE (e-book and Paperback Edition Preview)

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"I was deeply drawn into The Promise--the charm and complexity of the characters, the vibrancy of the settings, and the plot that gripped me from beginning to end."  
              --Kathryn Lynn Davis, NY Times Bestselling Author of Too Deep For Tears
    Richard Christopher Radcliffe, the Marquess of Sunderland ... the man Miss Cassandra Carlyle has loved since she was eight years old who promised he would never forget her when he left for Oxford, has returned—with his betrothed in hand. Disheartened, Cassandra asked her family to take her away to London for her first season. With help from her friend, Jeremy, she soon finds herself touted as the latest darling of the ton. Cassandra could not be more pleased with her newfound popularity and impressive list of eligible suitors. Will Richard take notice and come charging on a white horse? Or will she find love where she least expects it—with someone who has been around all along?
     The Promise is a poignant tale that will take you on a journey into the lives of childhood friends as they experience young love, broken promises and dreams, and discover the true meaning of love everlasting.
Bought your book  The Promise .. .Just loved it made me laugh and at times cryed. Enjoyed it so much . Now I am reading  Heaven Sent The Wrong One ... and just love it ,laughed so much with tears running down my face you are a great writer . Please keep writing enjoy your books so much....
Your works are awesome .....Ur the first one I fanned on wattpad...are u gonna do a story on that little girl from heaven sent the wrong one???I think it was allaynes friends daughter....u know... the one who's determined to marry Edward when they are older!!!!!! :)
there was a typo there, i mean u can count on me, supporting u by buying ur other books. please let them coming :)