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Werecat & werewolf (Editing) #watties2016

Werecat & werewolf (Editing) #watties2016

88.4K Reads 3.4K Votes 26 Part Story
SOA__GIRL By Sons_of_Anarchy_Girl Completed

Join Katherine as she runs from hunters she one of the last of her kind a were cat there's not many left. Werecat sand werewolfs no longer get alone they were allies but that's was before the werecat population started to dies out. So what happens  when she hides out on a werewolfs territory in a little crap apartment and she goes to school only to meet Daniel black the soon to be alpha of the silver star moon pack and he's her mate. The whole process is different when werewolfs find there mates the feel tingles and just see it in there eyes but for werecats they have a dream about who there mate is right before there 18 birthday they don't feel sparks or anything tell after. How does Daniel feel when he can feel the sparks but she can't he doesn't understand he's been waiting his hole like for her. What will happen to this unlickly couple.

kjameson_32 kjameson_32 Apr 28
I wouldn't dare! My alarm is in my iPad so I would cry a river if I smashed it.... my iPad is my life..
kjameson_32 kjameson_32 Apr 28
For some reason I read "and got into the silver shower"??? Why?
Animeforlife184 Animeforlife184 Apr 10, 2016
Blazing_Fire3 Blazing_Fire3 Dec 07, 2016
Lol. I always glare at my alarm clock and hit it til it shuts up.
DragonSkies DragonSkies Feb 28
They are made for each other, they both have a hate for alarm clocks
repulse84 repulse84 Apr 02, 2016
Silverstone is a real place it home of the British grand prix