The BAD BOY In Suit

The BAD BOY In Suit

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YESSY NUT. By Y_E_S_S_Y Updated Jul 02, 2018


      Charlina Spencer is a girl who lost her memory at 12 years old. She never knew her parents, Charlina grew up in an orphanage.

      And one day Charlina met Andrew Heaton. A Heaton Airlines CEO, he is the most awful man Charlina have ever met. Why does she think that way?
Just imagine this, when they just recently met, he asked Charlina to sleep with him.

     Andrew Heaton is one of the richest men in the world in his 25-year-old, well he's a player. One day he met a beautiful woman named Charlina Spencer.
Andrew was interested in her, and he thought that his interest in Charlina will not last long, only 1-2 days like with other women. But somehow, not meeting her for 3 weeks tortured him.

    Andrew had not seen Charlina since that incident... 
    An incident where they accidentally slept together.
After 3 weeks, Andrew remembered something very important, then he was looking for Charlina. 
Andrew did not understand what's wrong with him. When Andrew saw Charlina with other men, making Andrew want to punch him, and Andrew made Charlina his with all the power he had, although it meant by force.   

    He kissed me. I want to pushed him away, but I felt like hypnotized.
After a few minutes, he let go of his kiss and said

   "God, I really need you in my life Lina, I can go crazy without you," said Andrew while looking at me with his wild eyes.

    I was surprised he said that, does it mean he love me?

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