The Deal Breaker (Book II)

The Deal Breaker (Book II)

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*Book Two in the "Deal Maker" series* 

Joanna definitely hasn't and doesn't have the perfect life. After being clean and sober for over a year, being homeless for several months, and then being attacked by vampires (and killing them), Joanna had turned her life around. She was happily living with her later-to-be boyfriend, David, and overcoming her dark past. But that all changed when Matthew Foster came into her life, a powerful and quite old vampire who immediately became interested in her ability to fight and survive. After offering her money to kill off a list of vampires he had, Joanna became his newest employee, but she also caught his interest in other ways. 

Joanna planned to run away with her boyfriend to get away from her dark past and, more importantly, Matthew's grasp. But those plans took a turn for the worst when one of Joanna's targets had someone much older and stronger than she was used to fighting. Now she must deal with the aftermath of a horrific car accident that changed more than she'll ever realize. 

*Sequel to The Deal Maker*

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Tvlover2014 Tvlover2014 Apr 20, 2017
Wow. That has to be terrible. David probably missed his sister birth of her child and I wonder if Matthew visited her
mina1403 mina1403 Jan 09
I can understand that, when I was 1st diagnosed with Ms they had me on such high pain relief I didn't feel anything so I told them to take me off it all, I'd rather be in pain then literally feel nothing.
jessmb94 jessmb94 Feb 24, 2015
I'm surprised she was in a coma! I'm curious how David found out and if her nice room has anything to do with Matthew which I think I already know the answer to that lol
FatalShadow FatalShadow Mar 21, 2014
Starting to read TDB again! I've been busy lately, but I'm gonna make time for this book. I sure missed Joanna...and Matthew, of course.
                              It's quite touching that David is there for her in the hospital, but Matthew will always be the one for Joanna. :)
ILuvToRead52 ILuvToRead52 Feb 16, 2014
Where can I DL The Maker?  I use my android tablet but have the kindle app.  TY
FatalShadow FatalShadow Feb 12, 2014
Yay! Another deal? Great. Go get yourself in a heap of trouble, Joanna. I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy the hot show. (It's hot because it's got Matthew in it.)
                              Woohoo! Another book! :D