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Hey, fam By 1Chelsea Updated Nov 16, 2015


I ran downstairs and into the dining room so I could try to get food. Usually I don't get food but I'm gonna try harder today. Once I was in the dining room I climbed up on a chair and went for the last muffin by Jared took it.

"Too slow runt." He teased before eating it. He's my big brother but I was disowned so it makes him kinda not my brother in a way.

I tried again and reached for a banana. No luck. I jumped across the table and grabbed a piece of toast.

"Yes." I mumbled. Before I could take a bite it was snatched out of my hand. I whimpered and reached for it. "That's mine!" I yelled. Jordan, one of Jared's friends laughed and ate it.

"Too bad midget." He said before walking off. I'm not a midget, I'm 4'8. I looked at the table and sighed. It's empty. 

"Hey! Runt don't you see the Alpha and Luna trying to walk past." Someone yelled. I looked up at my parents who were looking down at me.

"Sorry." I whispered before quickly walking off.

I ran up to my room and went into m...

at least your that tall. How amazing it would be for me to be at least 5'1 but sadly I'm not even that tall
PrinCessZye02 PrinCessZye02 5 days ago
I'll beat her BAD EXCUSE of a mother in the ace if only she wasn't luna I would handle tht hoe
blukittie blukittie Apr 21, 2016
I feel really bad for the dad, I feel like the mom made him disown her
LunaticLrn LunaticLrn Jun 27, 2016
I know that this is just a story, but I'm crying because of how terrible people can be. I hate what our world had come to.
Kittycat1214 Kittycat1214 Apr 06, 2016
I know right these people are idiots just because she's little doesn't mean she's not strong, strength comes in many forms.
elle3128 elle3128 May 22, 2016
5'7 and lol I don't know what I am in pounds in Australia we use kilograms so I'm 50 kilograms