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He's So Fine [Beatles / George Harrison FanFiction]

He's So Fine [Beatles / George Harrison FanFiction]

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Miss O'Dell By MissODell Updated Jul 29, 2018

Beatles fan fiction.

Della Milton and George Harrison lived on opposite sides of Upton Green, Speke, Liverpool, in the 1950s. Born three weeks apart they soon became childhood best friends. George grows up and becomes lead guitarist in the phenomena that is The Beatles. It takes him far and away from that small oval green in Liverpool and gives him experience and opportunities he could never have imagined.  But Della's not concerned about George's fame and fortune. He'll always be her friend, her confidant and her rock. He's as close to her as family. Sometimes she thinks he's the only one in the world she can call a friend. He'll always be the same, he'll always be there for her... won't he?

Beatle: George
Genre: Romance 
Warnings: Bad language, explicit adult situations, loads of angst, sex and rock & roll. 
Status: Began 29/10/17, in progress, updated each Sunday.  
Feedback, votes & comments are very much welcome and appreciated! 

For readers who've previously read Shelter In Your Love, you might find this similar in theme and style, but hopefully not *too* much! There are also a few conscious changes to real life events in the timeline of this story - they've been changed for narrative purposes. 
© Miss O'Dell 2017
This is a work of fiction. As such, it should not be read as a factual account of events or biography. While many characters bear the names of actual people they & their actions and words have been imagined  by me, the author, and posted here for entertainment purposes only.

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