Wishes Can Come True

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AuntieMe By AuntieMe Updated 3 years ago
19 year old DeeDee Jones was taken by Charlie Scott at the age of 16. She has one thing on her mind and that is to get everyone as far away from the wearhouse and Charlie as possible. Her one wish is to get everyone out and to see her family and friends again. What does everything think when they find out she isn't dead and has 2 kids and another on the way?
4 years? i wouldve gone crazy, but THEY ESCAPE YAY FOR THEM 
                                    wait she took her kids with her right?
dam that's bad luck, i like this story it's dramatic and has adventure 
                                    thumbs up
I Like Where This Is Going, But Shouldn't She Be More Emotional. Like When Someone Asks How long she's been there and stuff, she says all casually and Then she goes like " Yea, I wa His Sex slave" All casually, shouldn't she be more.... i don't know ..... Broken?