The Player's Best Friend

The Player's Best Friend

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Sasha By imani148dr Completed

Girls and Guys can be best friends, but one day, somebody's going to fall, and fall hard.

Are we still best friends?"

"Why wouldn't we be?"

"Well, because of the accident."

"That wasn't your fault."

"But, if I was there, you wouldn't have gotten hurt."

"Paige, we are best friends. Always were, always will be. No matter what."

I smiled in response. No matter what.

Meet Paige Andrews. She's not popular. She's not overly attractive.Meet Jackson Miller. He's cool, rich, smart and handsome. 
Friends for life until high school came and drifted them apart.

Recently, Paige's mother died and was thrown out by her abusive father. Jackson offers her a place to stay and everything was how it was many years ago. However many problems and few hospital trips later, they realize something else that may change their relationship forever.

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"Hold for one second"
                              *puts phone on hold*
                              Cuts off his **** and makes him eat it
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                              "So what can i help you with"
1234CEO 1234CEO Aug 30
i just started reading, and i want to kill him. but that girl can roast a person so bad
CassondraBrown6 CassondraBrown6 Feb 19, 2016
Great chapter and I would have did the same thing to Trevor maybe some more lol
mimi_tammy mimi_tammy Apr 03, 2016
I got excited when it said my name then it died 😂😂 im too busy laughing this is a perf way to describe fake girls
mybowDoesntgoinhair mybowDoesntgoinhair Aug 08, 2016
I could c turkey bacon killing u I mean gross but regular bacon. I hope th@ bacon strangles u in ur sleep but no u wont die right away cuz th@'s no fun.
Trynecexo Trynecexo Oct 29, 2016
Imma need u tone down your voice or I will whack you round the face with a headstone bitch