Just What The Doctor Ordered

Just What The Doctor Ordered

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A.E. Sterling By WriterAndromeda Updated Feb 05, 2018

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Alexander Theodorakis was trapped.

Bound in a dreadful marriage to a woman he neither loved or wished to enjoy; the young man was empty. He should have felt happy: he had money, an endless supply of women, the best food he could ever eat. Yet no matter what he does, he never could find any satisfaction in life. That is...until he meets her...

Jasmine Kingston was new to the hospital, fresh and untouched. From the moment, he shook her hand, Alexander felt an attraction to her unlike any he had ever experienced before. 

He wanted her.

He needed her.

He would have her.

But little did he know, that Jasmine had demons of her own, demons that threatened her sanity by the moment.  Nonetheless, when she too felt his fingers brush hers, emotions she never knew possible, coursed through her body. Feelings she knew that she shouldn't be feeling, but couldn't fight her desires.

Although demons threaten this budding relationship, demons both past and current, that threaten to destroy all they hold dear. But as they grew closer, Alexander quickly realized that Jasmine just might be what the doctor ordered...