Dirty Sexstories

Dirty Sexstories

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BodyOfWork By BodyOfWork Updated Feb 24, 2015


Morning, waking up to the smell off coffee and seeing him stand next to the sink with his messy morning hair. The browness of his curly hair sparkles in the morning sun that shines through the kitchen window. "Morning babe". The sound of his sexy morning voice made me wet. "Oh I see that you are gettingin to it honey." He walks towards me and pushes his lips on mine. The tast of coffee made me more horny than I already was. He starts kissing my neck and I start to moan loudly. "OMG, why are you doing this to me!" My knees were getting weak. "Shut up and take of your clothes." He screamed.

I took my clothes off and jumped into bed. He straddle over me and starts leaving kisses on my neck and all the way smooth down to my panties. He slowly kissed the inside of my thigh. I felt his breath through my panties. I wanted him so bad. He looks up at me and i nodded, he removed the last piece of clothes and started to lick my entrance. I moaned loudly and...

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Scarlet_44 Scarlet_44 Feb 07, 2016
Okay so either they have a bed in their kitchen or a kitchen in their bedroom
AppleSauceAngel AppleSauceAngel Apr 19, 2016
'screamed' 😹😹😹👌👌👌 i am now imagining a guy screaming that in a high pitched voice ( with a voice crack )
PrincelyCharm PrincelyCharm Apr 18, 2016
Hater the person just wants to entertain not create the perfect story
Scarlet_44 Scarlet_44 Feb 07, 2016
So that it hurted? Hurted?! U mean hurt? It's just hurt. There is no such word as this so called 'hurted' u speak up
Scarlet_44 Scarlet_44 Feb 07, 2016
He jumped out of his pants? Well damn, someone must be excited to actually jump out of their pants...