Say You Like Me

Say You Like Me

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free4life By free4life Updated Nov 22, 2015

"Stop looking at me like that!"

"Looking at you like what?"

"Like you ugh."

"Like I what?" He began to chuckle.

'Never mind." I said rolling my eyes.

"Like I want to kiss you?" My eyes almost popped out of my head at his words.

"Maybe I do." He added, was my hearing right?

Adrianna is the Good Girl, Ash is the Bad Boy. What happens when you put the two together? Can opposites attract? Find out in "Say You Like Me" 

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Oh honey how wrong you are.
                              Very wrong.
                              Well honestly idk if she's wrong but I'm guessing they fall for each other hard by the end of the story
Haha I just noticed Say You Like Me is the title 😂😂😂
Same! I live in an unincorporated area between San Diego and LA and it sucks!
1DNiallHoransGirl16 1DNiallHoransGirl16 Mar 20, 2014
Okay. So thanks... You got me hooked on another story... lol. 
                              Loved it! it really good. and Adriana and I have A LOT in common,  except I'm a freshman this year.
By_OliviaGrace By_OliviaGrace Mar 15, 2014
The Sexy Six! Love it. I also love the cover and the beginning of your blurp really was captivating.