My Best Friend's Sister

My Best Friend's Sister

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Em By LaurenMJauregui_96 Updated May 20

You're one of the most known choreographers in the world, and the daughter of Beyoncé. You own multiple strip clubs, and dance companies. You can also sing, and act.

You're also the best friend of Taylor Jauregui, people often see your friendship as fake. But only family and friends see, how it really is. 

What happens when you finally get to meet the famous Lauren Jauregui? 


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-safri -safri Dec 29, 2017
im not mad he’s not ugly he can dress a bit  .. just don’t like the way he acts but aye if my guy makes her happy she good 🤷‍♂️
ThatKid813 ThatKid813 Mar 23
Ok.....if she's happy then it'll be. The thing is shes always talking about how she wants respect and he's not very respectful.... he's like 10-11 years older, and has a daughter. Not that the daughter matters much, it just may be hard at a young age, Laurens still touring and finding her thing.
HEDA_Camren HEDA_Camren Oct 24, 2017
^^ @Long_Live_Heda you have a kara Danvers profile pic, the word Heda in your name, reading fifth harmony fanfic and hates TY.... I like you
demetriashoe demetriashoe Oct 08, 2017
                              That’s the right song right?
I love Lauren so much that she could punch a baby and I would be like what did the baby do to provoke her
Anonymous_Athena Anonymous_Athena Oct 25, 2017
This is a guys way of saying "you're a better catch than I am and I know it, so please stay away from my girlfriend because if she figures it out she'll leave me"