My Best Friend's Sister

My Best Friend's Sister

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Lauren Jauregui By LaurenMJauregui_96 Updated Nov 01

You're one of the most known choreographers in the world, and the daughter of Beyoncé. You own multiple strip clubs, and dance companies. You can also sing, and act.

You're also the best friend of Taylor Jauregui, people often see your friendship as fake. But only family and friends see, how it really is. 

What happens when you finally get to meet the famous Lauren Jauregui? 


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Me: Beyoncé is my mom? Aww hell yeah bish!
                              Also me: Beyoncé is my mom? I am not worthy 😩
Okay if I was Taylor I would feel so attacked 😩 maybe that's just because college is currently trying to drown a bish
- - Nov 10
People at school really thought me and my best friend because we’re like this 🤞
We must come here often because i would be losing my shitt if I was that waitress
gayasshoe69 gayasshoe69 5 days ago
Les-be real here, there's nothing wrong with Ty. It's us. We're too gay to accept a straight relationship
damryn damryn Oct 24
Ewww Ahhh halp me ITS HERE *dies because just eww* (if you could not tell I don't like ty but at least he makes Lauren happy, I hope)