Migás' Curse

Migás' Curse

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ljkastermans By ljkastermans Updated May 25

A Migas Monarch Novel (#1)
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Hindsight is 20:20, as they say. But Madeline's vision had never been that great. 

Blind-sided by the Supernatural, Madeline finds her carefully structured and idealistic world ripped from under her after a chance encounter in the depths of the forest changes her life, forever. 

Change shapes all things, and Madeline Alvarez was no exception to this rule. Set on a path towards - what some would call - her destiny. Madeline would argue with you, to the ends of the earth, about the conceptualised nature of destiny, but self-denial, can only stem so far.

After working herself towards her goal of self-actualisation, Madeline jumps at the opportunity, throwing herself into a world of danger, and chaos, destruction and death. Subject to a prophecy uttered years before her birth, Madeline must use every shred of power, and knowledge, to survive in this new-world.

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