Games We Play

Games We Play

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Ko'marie also known as Coco is a 15 year old senior at James Ford Rhodes high school. She's 5'2 thick and has long hazel brown hair with big eyes and a curious heart. Shes been abused all her life, yet she still has the heart of a person who's never been hurt . But when she found out she was able to graduate early she befriends the most notorious boy in school, King. By the time she realizes who he is it's too late and she has to make the most important decision of her life... or will she sacrifice it all for a boy?

     Ashley is an 18 year old senior at James Ford Rhodes but unlike Coco she's always struggled in school. She never could understand why everything came so hard in her life. Why did God have to punish her and give her an abusive, crack headed  mother? Ashley wore her heart on her sleeve and while she's not a hoe, she isn't the shy type either. She just wants love and she won't stop til she finds it. But in a life dedicated to chasing money, be careful what you wish for because your past has a way of coming back to haunt you. 

 In this short novel loyalty will be tested, some feelings will be hurt and most of all, blood will be shed. This is the story of two best friend's trying to make it through life after high school but they soon realize that not everything is what it seems. Will they overcome their past or will they get sucked into the cold streets of Cleveland.

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