The Tale Of Two Gods

The Tale Of Two Gods

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Agent 27 By khadijiah1 Updated Oct 16, 2016

(This is the third book in the Too Strong series. Too Strong, and Stronger Than You Think are the first books. I suggest you check them out before you read this one)  

Achilles and Andromeda Jackson have no idea who they are. They can't remember anything before they came to camp. And everyone at camp claims they don't know who they are, but Ach and Andro have a feeling that they're hiding something. The camp leader, Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena seems to hate them. But why would she hate them if she doesn't know who they are?! When Ach and Andro begin to have dreams of someone from a distant memory, and Rachel the oracle gives them a prophecy, the two twins, along with Leo Valdez, go on a wild goose Chase in hope to find out who they are. But of course, it won't be easy. With the gods, monsters, and Tartarus himself trying to stop the broken family from reuniting, hope is very slim for the Jackson family. And with Andro and Ach gaining their memory little by little, the fact if they even what to save their family is in question.    

The the title goes to @LunaLilyPotter and the cover goes to @funnierthanu. Thank you both.

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ZoZolololXD ZoZolololXD Feb 24
When you immediately think...."Is there going to be a plot twist with Anastasia?"
RebuildingThe4thWall RebuildingThe4thWall Oct 11, 2016
Is it Some sort of cristmas song cause i know the melody from a Dutch song we always song at cristmas
JinIsMyBias221b JinIsMyBias221b Nov 18, 2016
I want to see if she still talks like that without her brain.
shy_yet_confident shy_yet_confident Nov 11, 2016
The girl in your title pic is the same main character for my book.. oh well I've seen her before. Along with the main dude in my book
captinrex4427 captinrex4427 Jun 01, 2014
please come check out my book. Its called Percy Jackson Heir to Chaos
DragonWarrior214 DragonWarrior214 Apr 14, 2014
The summary. Chase was capitalized and it is also Annabeth's last name. She has set up a sinister plot, I know it.