Survival Skills: for Dating || ✓

Survival Skills: for Dating || ✓

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A story about life, love and survival in the most uncanny manner.



(Previously known as: How to Survive: Dating your Enemy)

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Ikr!! My brother has like, 4 inches on me! I'm 15 and he's 13 😢 when did this happen? I'm 5'3 God damn it!!
machocereals machocereals Apr 17, 2016
I just came from a book with the male protraginist called kadon Rodriguez. Also Chris Rodriguez
meckymeck meckymeck Apr 14, 2016
A lead that isn't over 6ft..hehehe me likey though I love me some 6 footers n above lol.
mknoop mknoop Oct 29, 2016
I love looking for alaska!!! All of john green's books though!!
lilreader79 lilreader79 Aug 26, 2015
a bit cliche, but seems like something fun to procrastinate with
hersmearedsilver hersmearedsilver Mar 12, 2015
I'm sorry, I know this is just for looks and stuff, but I find it hilarious since Shay Mitchell is lesbian. But I get it, trust me, I know its just acting but HA.