Passionless #1 | Ongoing

Passionless #1 | Ongoing

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Roy Dixon By RoyalynDixon Updated Nov 28


In the supernatural world there is a secret organisation called the Congress of Guardians. Supernaturals are aware of that organisation, however, there is nothing to prove they exist. As a matter of fact, no one knows who they may be--only that they protect the supernatural's existence.
Then there is the Hunter Association whom protect humans from supernaturals and made an alliance with the Congress of Guardians for as long as it has existed.
One of these Guardian members is Skylark Wright of the Elite ranks; she is also known by reputation 'The Silver Mirage'.
She comes across her mate--a hunter named Aiden Kaiser of the Hunter Association. 
Unfortunately, she is unaware if it is for the better or for worse. After all, hunters and vampires don't get along whether they have an alliance or not.

Wattpad Featured Story [2017]
3rd Place in (Vampire) The Chaos Awards: 2! [2018] 
Genre Winner in (Vampire) Fruit Awards 2018

||Book 1/7 of The Guardian Chronicles||

© Royalyn Dixon

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Nice imagery here and a good way to introduce us to the character. I need to learn to describe characters like this. Good hook at the beginning to draw in the reader.
BlueberriesFromTay BlueberriesFromTay Nov 04, 2017
I really like this quote. It kinda gives off a feeling of what the story is about and its morals.
BlueberriesFromTay BlueberriesFromTay Nov 04, 2017
I hate the word orbs, and not to be rude, but most people don’t exactly like it either. Maybe just replace this with: “...that glistens like the ones of a doll.” It sounds much better and it’s not cliche.
- - Jan 02
BlueberriesFromTay BlueberriesFromTay Nov 04, 2017
I think this’ll be a great book! It sounds pretty interesting, and I’m glad to see the main female character isn’t a weak little bïtch. I’ll definitely be reading more.
BlueberriesFromTay BlueberriesFromTay Nov 04, 2017
The use of ‘monsters’ so close together kinda makes it lose its meaning. Unless that was a typo XD