The Difference

The Difference

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Ash By eI-LEEN6 Completed

Mari's life is turned upside down after being left cold in a parking lot close to death by someone who she thought loved her. Going from sweet and innocent to angry and snarky was a huge change for everyone around her. She believes the only thing in her life left to do is mope and hide away at her dad's old lake house.     

What happens to Mari when two strange men show up with a crazy story about a hidden world, and how she is somehow tied into it? What will happen when Mari is given more power then she can hold? 

What happens when Mari can't keep herself a secret any longer? Mari did not ask for any of this. How will she cope with finding contradicting love again, being the only thing able to save a dying race, and choosing to embrace her destiny or hide from it?  Will she cower away from power or will she be the one to make all The Difference?

Highest Rating #36 in Fantasy

That put me on my tippy toes and it was just the Prologe 😍
Dragons123 Dragons123 Feb 16
That was an amazing prologue!! Kudos to you!!! I'm supper excited to see where this book will take me!!
Jesus_is_my_BFF Jesus_is_my_BFF Mar 15, 2014
that sooo sounds like me, kicking back, and reading a book ahhhhhhh... the life
AllieJ1516 AllieJ1516 Feb 14, 2014
Started off good; Has an aura of mystery to it and is very interesting. 
                              Lovely job.