Being the Boss

Being the Boss

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Ninja of Awesomeness By love_dance_live Updated Jul 15, 2015

Mary is the CEO of Brighton Corps. She built it from the ground and made some powerful enemies while doing it. Smart and sassy, she has a plan for everything and anything and isn't intimidated by anyone.

Johnathan is the prodigal son that has returned to pick up the pieces that he left. Cunning and alluring he has no problem getting what he wants, regardless of the means. 

What happens when these two CEOs paths cross?

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ShortGoddessofFood ShortGoddessofFood Dec 05, 2016
Boi before I call upon the thunder of god in my hand to slap u back tf up touch me and you'll be spinning around the world like baseball try me try me I dare you
akrox58 akrox58 Oct 05, 2014
That is so sweet of Mary :) though she's a competitive, *kind of scary* girl :P I can tell she really loves Agnes! :)
LisaStanbridge LisaStanbridge Jun 10, 2014
Wow Mary is more and more feisty. Hahaha I think she was a little harsh to john but in a way I don't blame her. Great chapter :)
LisaStanbridge LisaStanbridge May 20, 2014
I'm finally getting around to reading this. Yay! Anyway, a great starting chapter. Mary is feisty, I like her. Will continue reading. :)
nessybrown1 nessybrown1 May 05, 2014
why does agnes have the name agnes if she's pretty. but good chapter can't stop reading
nessybrown1 nessybrown1 May 05, 2014
Wow mary is so different from other female characters ive read. cool