Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved

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Shilpi Khanna By ShilpiKhanna Updated 5 days ago

Best friends separated by circumstances as teenagers. Years later they reunite and are now engaged to be married.

Suman Tiwari had her past carved by others after her parents sudden demise but with Shravan Malhotra back in her life happiness seems to be on her team at last.

Then he disappears and goes out of reach. When she traces his tracks and finds he is in Antarctica her world explodes with uncertainty.

Should she chase him at the other end of the world?

Shravan Malhotra the dashing and hot shot billionaire lawyer from London has his life right on track. After hating his best friend unfairly for years he is now determined to do everything to keep her happy.

Even if it means digging out deadly details from her past.

Or should he let the past rest undisturbed? 

Continuation of "The Lawyer in The Kitchen."
Can be read as Stand alone book, though to understand the characters and situations better reading the first part is recommended.

Disclaimer: Cover Pic taken from internet.

Published 30th Spetember 2017