Dancing With Angels BoyxBoy(Rough Draft)

Dancing With Angels BoyxBoy(Rough Draft)

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Haven Lee Murphy By HavenLeeAngelus Updated Jul 03, 2013

What if Angels and Demons were real as well as other creatures of myth and legend, but our knowledge of them was flawed, what if they walked among us on a daily basis and we were just too naive to see them for what they are? How would you know the difference if you never knew the signs, what if an Angel could hide it's wings, or a Witch was just as normal looking as your mother or brother? Would you know who was who, or what was what; would you even know where to begin?

Jason is anything but an ordinary high school student, his skin is as white as snow; his hair an unnatural black that would give coal a run for it's money, and his eyes an emerald green that almost seem to glow. He's tall, and heavily muscled, with extensive martial arts training; although his peers are the reason he became a fighter; he was once the victim of bullying and ridicule because of his unearthly appearance.

Only Cassie looked past his appearance to see the boy beneath, she became his only friend until Mark appeared. Instantly Jason and Mark seemed drawn together, by more than mere circumstance. For the first time in Jason's life someone doesn't seem to notice how unearthly his appearance is. Mark doesn't see him as otherworldly, instead he sees beauty and strength. Although even he doesn't fully understand why he feels so strongly toward a complete stranger or why he feels he has to know him.

This is a story about love conquering all, regardless of past tragedies or the loss both boys have suffered. They will stand hand in hand through thick and thin, as fate throws curve ball after curve ball. Their lives will be forever changed by their meeting; be it for the better or for the worst. Love is never easy, but sometimes it can be pure and selfless.

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laurenbradley82 laurenbradley82 Jan 30, 2017
That's so sad but it was really good sounds like me in a way but it's opposite
MudfangisFinland MudfangisFinland Feb 03, 2016
I love the beginning keep up the good work and I'll be back when it is finished
                              (I make it a rule never to read good unfinished books)
SoulPhenomenon SoulPhenomenon Oct 13, 2015
                              I'm in love with this.
                              The poem made me cry.
                              The song made me cry.
                              The chapter made me cry.
                              The beauty of this book so far has me crying omf.
kyuuru kyuuru Jun 11, 2015
i love this <3 i wish that the update will be very soon :D i'm counting on you authy :D
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay Aug 21, 2014
A) that did sound a boy suicidal near the end with the future thing lol b) beautiful poem. It was really really good . And I love how it rhythms. That must have been really hard to do good job and I'm really impressed
kitti-the-kat kitti-the-kat Jul 11, 2014
Guise, guise. D'you see the nekkid man on the cover. Tha's how you catch dat attention.