The Evil Concubine

The Evil Concubine

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Mei By winderlust Updated Feb 15

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24th Century's Young Miss Wei Leifan closed her eyes only to find herself in another woman's body and not only did she exchanged souls she also transmigrated to an era she had never heard of. 

Huang Chuanha is the owner of the body that now belongs to Leifan, she is the well known evil concubine who loves to cause havoc in the palace, she does everything to have her emperor's favor but besides her beauty nothing is even special about her. 

"My Emperor what happened between us is in the past now, I will stop my foolishness and set you free for I have already found peacefulness in the arms of my son Chaohe"

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what a cold man :( i am not seeing the emperor and guifei together
miazara95 miazara95 Apr 06
If you just love your empress than why you marry so many wives and make them suffer you narcissist 😡😡
HorrorMuse HorrorMuse Mar 04
Dude if you truly love your Empress why the fudge would you have concubines
leenuhxox leenuhxox Feb 20
Well, as long she cares about the son. Hell who cares about transmigration lmaoo.
wow he is the first prince, damn... how can an emperor hate his heir lmao
if i were u i'll immediately request a decree becoming a nun