I'm Just Different (Young Justice) ~HIATUS~

I'm Just Different (Young Justice) ~HIATUS~

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Emma By Beastgirlem Updated Jan 27, 2019


Takes place 3 years later. 2019. 
Garfield (16) 

When the Young Justice team are sent on a mission to help protect some people who own a animal shelter, something big happens. Something very big comes their way, and lots of things happen. Wally and Artemis' daughter comes to the past with a few friends but for what reason? And then Queen Bee returns and threatens Garfield and his friends, especially his soul mate . . . whoops I said too much. . . O_O. 
Anyways, Garfield finds his soulmate that he's bonded to and he imprints on her 
(you specifically).

Enjoy the story : ).