Harry Styles Imagines.

Harry Styles Imagines.

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Maiya lmao By heyimmaiya Updated Oct 16, 2015

He first meets you.

Your P.O.V

well today I woke up to a text from one of my friends it was Niall. He wante to know if I coould go to his house tonight to hang out. I said yes because I have nothing eles to do so yeah.

*arriving at Niall's house*

'Hey Y/N! Glad you came so soon, You look great!'

'Thanks Niall, nice to know someone noticed' you say pointing at yourself.

you were wearing a black lace dress that went a little over your knees and black lace  toms and your hair was curled and you had a touch of make up on. but not much.

'Well c'mon you gotta meet the guys' Niall said motioning you inside.

'Y/N, this is Liam,'

'Hello Y/N, I'm Liam'

'Hello Liam, and you must be Zayn' you say pointing at Zayn.

'Yes! Hello love it's nice to finally meet you by the way, Niall is always telling us how cool you are'

'Thanks!, And I get the same information about you too'

'C'mon Y/N I want you to meet Louis and Harry' Niall says while you followe him into the kitchen.

'Hey guys, this ...