✔️ Tom Holland Imagines

✔️ Tom Holland Imagines

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TONY STARKS SON By donttellpeterparker Updated Jul 18

His lips were mere millimeters from yours. He was going slow, giving you time to back out if you wanted to. Waiting another five seconds to see you were still, your breathing becoming more rapid. He leaned his head further down and brought one of his hands down to your waist while the other still cupped your cheek. He pulled your face closer, finally placing his lips upon yours. He held them there for a few seconds before slowly pulling away, still holding you close. You both fluttered your eyes open.

"Why'd you do that?" You asked softly, you mind still reeling over the fact that you've finally kissed the guy you have been madly in love with for the past five years. You felt over the moon in this moment.

''Because I love you"


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