Forever Raine ✔️

Forever Raine ✔️

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Raine Woods thought her life would always be like the rain: gloomy, gray and undesired. She was lonely and quiet , living with the bitter memories of tragic past. But little did she know that there was a man out there. A man who was in love with the rain.

Xavier Thorn, every women's dream and every man's enemy. Billionaire, playboy, CEO. He's got everything, yet he nothing at all. Comparing himself to his name, he considers his life as painful and unwanted as a thorn. But little did he know that roses needed their thorns to protect them. And one day, he found his rose. And he promised to be her thorn. He would protect her. Even if it meant risking his shattered heart.

What happens when a sweet, lonely girl runs into a dark, powerful man?

Will a deadly Thorn be able to protect something as delicate as Raine?

Will Raine be able to give whatever is left of her broken heart to a man known as trouble?

Will they risk it all or let go?

Follow the journey of Raine and Xavier as they venture out on a voyage full of shocking confessions, heartbreaking pasts, betrayals, and pain, only to find that love is waiting at the finishing line for those who stick long enough to reach it.

"Forever Raine. I want forever and I want it with you."
Book 1 in the Forever series

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