3 mates?!?

3 mates?!?

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velocityariana By Zaiway Updated Jan 04


cute , fun , loving , sweet , and only a teen . 
she has the perfect family and has a nice job down at the diner . 

Jake , Daniel , Eric 

these guys are incredibly sexy , all alphas , amd only have one mate ...

you would think this was a disaster for the cute little group , but its not . It could be worse .. maybe

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M4Mature M4Mature Aug 02, 2017
Realistically, you SHOULD be earning your own spending money by around 13-14ish. I find it really immature when you have 16-17 year olds always asking parents for extra pocket money. (Though I do understand that some parents want their kids to focus on school rather than work)
animeruleforever animeruleforever Nov 30, 2017
My parent, older brothers, and all my cousins alway give me extra pocket money
dancingsparks dancingsparks Jul 11, 2017
Friend: come to a party tonight?
                              Me: hahahahhahahahahahhahaha I have strict parents
mental_and_proud mental_and_proud May 18, 2017
Pfttt totally not what I do...*goes to mom and asks for 20$* *holds up the 20$* I earned this!
Alyssa783 Alyssa783 Mar 16, 2016
Am I the only one who pictures Dove Cameron when she said imagine her younger?
saveurapologies saveurapologies Jun 26, 2016
I need a job because this is how 50% of my conversations with my dad go
                              Me: dad can i get some money
                              Dad: *opens wallet (full of cash) in front of me* .... I don't have any ask ur mom